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Bodyweight Training
Beautiful Backdrops
Fun atmopsheres
With Greenway Fitness, these three points are easily achieved, as we are based next to one of the most stunning mountains in Austria – The Wilder Kaiser!
As well as “Getting Fit the Green Way”, I am a huge believer that both physical and mental preparation for Winter Sports is the key to getting the most fun out of our time on the slopes. With this in mind, we have designed the services below ⇓


The Pre-Ski Conditioning Package – An easy to follow workout program for Skiers of any level to get ready for your Ski Holiday!

Join today to build Muscle-Memory, Strength, Agility, Coordination, and most importantly – CONFIDENCE with our 8-Video Workout Program!

snowboarders handbook


The Snowboarders Handbook – A free guide for Snowboard-Beginners, from the equipment we take to the turns we make – giving you a solid foundation of knowledge prior to your Boarding-Lessons.

snowboarders handbook

Gyms are out and Personal Trainers are in! See what services we offer to best suit your needs:

Are you a Snowboarder? We write tailored Muscle-Memory programs to help you build up to the trickiest of tricks before hitting the slopes – so save yourself some time and pain, and get in touch today!

Snowboard Training

Are you living in Söll or just visiting for the week? Either way, our outdoor group sessions will help you release some much needed endorphins this summer!

It’s never too early to start prepping for next season. Check out our Pre-Ski Conditioning Package today, and prepare your legs for Winter – THE CORRECT WAY!

Pre-Ski Conditioning Package

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