About Us

What does Greenway Fitness mean?

  • Physical Fitness
  • Preserving the Beauty of Nature
  • Skiing and Snowboarding in Winter
  • Having a good time!

With these passions at heart, I have created this company to push the idea of outdoor training, physical and mental preparation for Skiing and Snowboarding and creating an active lifestyle hat doesn’t require driving half an hour to the gym every day.

About Us - Greenway Fitness
About Us - Greenway Fitness

No equipment needed for fitness – just water and some motivation! 

I believe that we need nothing more than what we were born with to be fit and healthy – which isn’t to say that I NEVER use equipment – I just prefer not to whenever possible. Our bodies are a fantastic tool that we can utilize to our advantage, instead of using them to sit down for 15 Hours a day.

Here in Söll, Tirol, we have a jaw-dropping mountain called the Wilderkaiser and we find ourselves leaving every outdoor-session with huge smiles (and maybe a little sweat).

My Story

Who am I?

We’ll start with a long story made short… I’m Dan – a short, ginger English guy who loves keeping active, enjoying nature and shredding snow in the winter season!

About Us - Greenway Fitness
About Us - Greenway Fitness

Life Experience:

Straight after finishing high school, I joined the British Army as an Electronics Technician and spent the next years of my life travelling all over the world whilst being given the opportunity to try my hand at a huge array of sports, from boxing in Germany, to rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies, to Snowboarding in Austria. With plenty of new life-experience, including an operational tour in Afghanistan (which was far too hot for my red head), I very quickly learned that my passions were more in the direction of mountains and snow!!

Snow Experience:

Upon leaving the military, I made the decision to become a Skiing and Snowboarding Instructor in Austria. This only fed my addiction to snow, and after one winter season in Söll, followed directly by another in New Zealand, I KNEW THAT I HAD TO LIVE IN AUSTRIA and I have lived here ever since, loving every day of it and all of the fun activities it has to offer. Tirol is truly my favourite place in the world, and the locals here are incredibly generous and welcoming, if not a little scary sometimes. 

About Us - Greenway Fitness
About Us - Greenway Fitness

The Path of Fitness

When I hit 27, I made the decision that I wanted to become a Fitness Coach. It felt like the perfect decision, as it suits both my passion for physical activity and my motivational personality; as well as providing a chance to combine my love for snow and fitness workouts with a way to benefit other Winter-Lovers.

A Brand New Winter-Fitness Package!

I have created our Pre-Ski Conditioning Package to help you get fit for skiing, as well as the Snowboarders-Handbook – a guide for beginners to learn how to snowboard and which equipment to take. On top of this, we also offer 1-on-1 Personal Training, Tailored Programs and Group Sessions.


I guess you could say that I’ve always lived my life the Green Way in one way or another, always maintaining a connection to nature and fitness near me.