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Permanent, unlimited access to all of our ski workout videos, streamable on ANY DEVICE

In-depth demonstration videos for all exercises within the Package

Early notice for any future packages and services offered by Greenway Fitness

But that’s just the hardware… What we’re actually offering here is a chance for you to finally enjoy your Ski-Holiday to the max. Read more below ⇓


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Progressive and Easy to Follow

The fully-guided Pre-Ski Conditioning Package is designed to be worked through in such a way that your customers can progress at a reasonable pace in order to reach their peak ski-fitness prior to going on holiday!

Bodweight Only

All 8 of the workouts within this program use bodyweight exercises, which I have also included demonstration videos for within the package – meaning no equipment or gym needed to get fit for skiing; just a bottle of water and some motivation to train!

Streamlined and Practical

Every workout has been condensed to fit easily in to busy schedules, whilst maintaining the highest physical-effectiveness. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, last thing before bed or during a lunch-break – we can always fit in a Pre-Ski Session.

More Value with no Subscription

It shouldn’t be stressful to get fit for skiing, so differently to some of our corporate competitors, we don’t work on a subscription basis, meaning no annoying ongoing costs. The 1-time purchase of €59 gives our customers FULL, UNLIMITED ACCESS to the package forever – meaning that you can reuse the workouts on your next Winter-Holidays as well!


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  • This one-time payment gives you full, unlimited access to our Pre-Ski Conditioning Program. Train Strength, Agility, Coordination and Endurance to give yourself the best Ski-Holiday ever!
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