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We simply want to improve your ski holiday

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  • Unlimited access to all of our ski-specific workout videos
  • In-depth demonstration videos for all exercises from the Package
  • Early notice for any future packages and services offered by Greenway Fitness

But that’s just the hardware… What the Pre-Ski Conditioning Package really offers is a robust body, meaning improvement of strength, agility, endurance and co-ordination, which leads to:

An overall increase in:

  • Body control
  • Trust in your legs
  • Confidence in your own ability

And a decrease in:

  • Chances of injury
  • Physical fatigue
  • Likelihood of missing a day on the mountain

join today and get fit for your ski holiday:

  • This one-time payment gives you full, unlimited access to our Pre-Ski Conditioning Program. Train Strength, Agility, Coordination and Endurance to give yourself the best Ski-Holiday ever!
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