How Tourists with better Ski Fitness can save you Money!

How Tourists with better Ski Fitness can save you Money!

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Every year, over 600,000 Holiday-Skiers find themselves not being able to continue to ski on their holiday due to injuries and leg-pain. This is due a low level of SKI FITNESS, which can lead to:

Unnecessary Insurance Claims

Refunds on Ski Lessons and Rentals

Bored and Unhappy Guests

All of this could be avoided with prior physical preparation!

This is why I’ve created the Pre-Ski Conditioning Package – a ski fitness workout program that’s built for Holiday-Skiers to work through at home, so that they can build both confidence and physical ability, whilst lowering their chances of becoming injured on the slopes.

So where do you come in?

As a company or association that could massively benefit from a more robust ski-clientele, I want you to help make your winter tourists aware that this service is available.

What you need to do:

Why should Holiday-Skiers be Fitter?

Over the years of teaching skiing, I’ve noticed that every week, hundreds of Holiday Skiers face the same issues:

  • No Trust in their Legs
  • Lack in Strength/Stamina
  • Fear of Injury

All of these points are due to a low level of ski fitness and can be COMPLETELY mitigated through prior conditioning.

Hence, the Pre-Ski Conditioning Package – A set of 8 ski fitness, bodyweight workouts that holiday-skiers can work through at home prior to going on holiday in order to get more fun and progression out of their time on the slopes!

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Progressive and Easy to Follow

The fully-guided Pre-Ski Conditioning Package is designed to be worked through in such a way that your customers can progress at a reasonable pace in order to reach their peak ski fitness level prior to going on holiday!

Bodyweight Exercises Only

All 8 of the ski fitness workouts within this program use bodyweight exercises, which I have also included demonstration videos for within the package – meaning no equipment or gym needed; just a bottle of water and some motivation to train!

Streamlined and Practical

Every workout has been condensed to fit easily in to busy schedules, whilst maintaining the highest physical-effectiveness. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, last thing before bed or during a lunch-break – we can always fit in a Pre-Ski Session.

More Value with no Subscription

Different to some of our corporate competitors, we don’t work on a subscription basis, meaning no annoying ongoing costs. The 1-time purchase of €59 gives our customers FULL, UNLIMITED ACCESS to the package forever – meaning that you can reuse the ski fitness workouts on your next Winter-Holidays as well!

Why we need your help?

The Pre-Ski Conditioning Package has already proven to be an amazing tool for Holiday-Skiers to boost their ski fitness level. However, most skiers don’t realise how much they could benefit from prior training until it’s too late. 

Getting the word out with enough time for tourists to complete the package is why you’re here – to provide them with a way to improve their holiday before it even starts!

The best part is, you’ll be providing your skiers with a higher level of ski fitness, meaning all of this extra value at zero cost to you! They receive a discounted package simply by being your customer and you receive all of the praise by giving them the best holiday ever!

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A personal word on Ski Fitness

I am and have always been very enthusiastic about progression – not just on the slopes, but in every aspect of life. Skiing and Snowboarding are two sports where progression is seen as something that should simply happen at a steady rate, which we know to not be true.

Preparing physically for a winter holiday doesn’t just make us stronger, fitter and more robust; it creates a much more confident headspace and therefore prepares us mentally, which adds to our injury-prevention just as much as the physical aspects. 

With this in mind, simply taking part in a ski fitness program such as the one offered by Greenway Fitness will put your customers in a better, safer position for their holiday, regardless of how hard they train.

This is just one more reason to offer your clientele this brand new, game changing service!