Grab a FREE electronic copy of The Snowboarders Handbook – Beginner’s Edition and learn to snowboard correctly by giving yourself a headstart to learning the coolest sport on the planet!

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Already know how to Snowboard…?

Already Know How to Snowboard..?

Then I guess the Beginner’s Edition of the Handbook probably isn’t blowing your skirt up eh..?

Well, join our free member’s list today and you’ll be one of the first to get the head’s up when we release the next edition in the series, The Intermediate Edition – where I’ll be covering terrain-specific turning techniques, basic freestyle, carving and much more!

And as if that wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing, we’re currently putting together our Trick-Cyclopedia!

“What the hell is that?” I hear you say… So you know the trick’s-list in a video game where we can see all of the buttons to press… Imagine that, but on your phone for REAL SNOWBOARDING! We’re putting together the ultimate Cheat-Sheet for aspiring Freestyle Snowboarders. You’ll have access to Trick Buildups, as well as way to create Muscle Memory at home before even getting on to the slopes to make the learning process easier, simpler and less painful!

Unhappy smiley face snowboarding mitten
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Some Official Stuff

Nothing in any of our Handbooks is influenced by advertisers, sponsors or any other outside influences. This is so that I can focus solely on the subject of How to Snowboard and my own opinions on the matter. That being said, we do share links to various pages where you can find decent, well priced snowboarding equipment.