group sessions

Come and join us in the great outdoors of Tirol with some of the world’s freshest air and most beautiful scenery.

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1-on-1 personal training in söll

Would you like some 1-on-1 personal training in Söll to help you achieve those tricky goals? Book a free consultation today to see how we can help you.

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tailored muscle-memory programs

Personalised road-maps to help you build muscle-memory for Skiing and Snowboarding, or just a basic program to get you in to a fitness-regime.

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group sessions

Weekly Outdoor Group Sessions in Söll run from April through until October, where we use bodyweight exercises to give our guests the opportunity to learn just how enriching and beneficial fitness can be.

Fitness in Söll - Greenway Fitness
Fitness in Söll - Greenway Fitness

An Outdoor Fitness Session with Greenway Fitness requires absolutely no equipment whatsoever. Simply bring along some water and a good attitude.

Group Sessions and Personal Training in Söll offer one of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria, with a Wilderkaiser backdrop you won’t forget!

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1-on-1 personal training in söll

Personalised Coaching, Tailored to your Goals

Personalised Training

Do you have a goal in mind, however struggle to find a method that works for you? Utilize the knowledge and motivation that come with a personal training-package and push to achieve more than you thought possible!

Mobile Service

1-on-1 Personal Training in Söll can give you the boost you need to hit and push past those diffiult targets, so don’t worry if you don’t have a gym or car… We’ll make it easy and bring everything to your door.

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tailored muscle-memory programs

Tailored Program Consultation

Looking to improve your Skiing or Snowboarding skills before the Snow arrives..? We offer 100% Personalised Programs tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Let us create your road map to having more fun on the pistes!

Whether it’s help with Winter-Sports, general fitness, nutrition, motivation or life-habits; we can create a personalised regime to fit your schedule so you can feel happier and healthier!

Greenway Fitness - Snowboard Training
Tailored Program

Book a free consultation today and we can simply have a chat about what it is YOU need.

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“I cannot recommend Greenway Fitness enough!!!! Dan planned and set out a detailed fitness program to suit my individual needs and goals. We discussed in depth different exercises and routines and he explained which exercises would benefit me most.”

“He also created a daily nutrition plan, which was not only extremely healthy but also delicious. He provided me with support and guidance throughout my program! 5 star customer service from a knowledgeable and friendly trainer! “


“Amazing (bodyweight-)workouts, never the same and great vibe! Love to join all classes whenever i manage to find time..”


“The group sessions are a great way for me to not let anything get in the way of regular workouts. Really well organised and perfect for all different abilities!”


“Had another online session with Dan tonight and boy does he put me through my paces he is such a lovely, motivational young man. He really takes into account that I’m new to this and although I thought having a personal trainer would be scary, Dan makes it very rewarding and good fun. If you’ve ever thought of trying it speak to Dan you won’t be disappointed. I even look forward to our sessions ????”